In our previous article we gave a brief introduction on the six food groups, their importance and first three food groups, namely the red, orange and yellow foods. In this article we will cover the remaining food groups, namely green, purple and white food groups.

healthy eating, health, food

Green Foods

healthy eating, health, food

Many people don’t like green foods, but let me tell you, they are AMAZING for you! Definitely try incorporating more green foods in your diet. So green foods have this amazing thing called lutein and zeaxanthin which protects your eyes from damage and reduces the risk of developing cataracts. Furthermore, they also contain isothiocyanates which have strong anti-cancerous properties. Great right? Now what about the serving sizes of green fruits and vegetables?

Green fruits are:

  • avocado (serving size 1/2 avocado)
  • melon (serving size 1 slice)
  • gooseberries (serving size 1 handful)
  • apple (serving size 1)
  • pear (serving size 1)
  • kiwi (serving size 2)

Green vegetables are:

  • courgette (serving size 1/2)
  • cucumber (serving size 1 2-inch slice)
  • raw spinach (serving size 1 cereal bowl)
  • lettuce (serving size 1 cereal bowl)
  • watercress (serving size 1 cereal bowl)
  • cabbage (serving size 2 handfuls)
  • broccoli (serving size 2 spears)
  • artichoke hearts (serving size 2)
  • celery (serving size 3 sticks)
  • peas (serving size 3 tbsp)
  • green beans (serving size 4 tbsp)
  • asparagus (serving size 5 spears)
  • brussels sprouts (serving size 8)

Purple Foods

healthy eating, health, food

Purple foods have anthocyanidin which protects against pain + inflammation, supports healthy blood pressure and has anti-ageing properties. Furthermore it also reduces cancer cell proliferation, inhibits tumor formation and can decrease the likelihood of diabetes.3 So what about the serving sizes of purple fruit and vegetables you might ask?

Purple fruits are:

  • raisins (serving size 1 tbsp)
  • currants (serving size 1 tbsp)
  • sultanas (serving size 1 tbsp)
  • figs (serving size 2)
  • plums (serving size 2)
  • prunes (serving size 2)
  • blackcurrants (serving size 4 tbsp)
  • blueberries (serving size 4 tbsp)
  • passion fruit (serving size 6)
  • blackberries (serving size 10)

Purple vegetables are:

  • aubergine (serving size 1/2)
  • kidney beans (serving size 3 tbsp)
  • beetroot (serving size 7 slices)

White Foods

healthy eating, health, food

White foods contain ALLICIN, which increases your body’s ability to fight infections and has antimicrobial, antifungal, antiparasitic andantiviral properties. It also helps with reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol.4 Let’s dive into the white vegetables and other white foods and their serving size.

White vegetables are:

  • leek (serving size 1)
  • onion (serving size 1)
  • parsnips (serving size 1)
  • beansprouts (serving size 2 handfuls)
  • button mushrooms (serving size 14)
  • cauliflower (serving size 8 florets)

Other white foods are:

  • black eyed peas (serving size 3 tbsp)
  • butter beans (serving size 3 tbsp)

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What are your favorite green, purple and white foods? Let us know!

Stay healthy and safe friends!

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